We’ve been producing Mechanical Operation and Maintenance manuals for over 4 years with great care and precision to aid your company.

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Operation and Maintenance is an integral part of running a facility at peak function and we have been creating them for mechanical contractors for new and renovated commercial, industrial and educational facilities.  The company came about to fill a void in the market and to offer a cost effective solution for contractors working in this industry.   We’ve grown our initial O&M manual production to now include both SECOR and COR safety manuals to assist companies that want to become certified in these areas.  Alberta Health and Safety requires any company that has 5 or more employees (full and part-time), have documentation in place that meets OHS legislation.  This includes assessment and control of workplace hazards and an emergency response plan.  We will assist you in getting this documentation in place and will guide you through the required steps to keep your workers and work site safe.  We also offer Employee Handbooks for interested companies.

Chantall Strauss
O&M Binder

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