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There are many laws requiring employers to notify employees of certain workplace policies and procedures.  Don’t get caught excluding the content that is mandated by law.

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Mission Statement


Organizational Chart


Policies and Procedures: Vehicles, Cell Phone Usage, Dress Code, Vacations, Harassment and Violence at the workplace, Health and Safety, Substance Abuse etc.


If you do not have these currently in place, we can assist you.

SAMPLE Checklist

Overview and Employment Relationship
□ Introduction and Purpose of the Handbook
□ Welcome Message From the President/CEO
□ Company History
□ Company Vision
□ Company Mission
□ Company Values
□ Company Overall Goals
□ Company Commitment to Employees
□ Code of Conduct and Business Ethics
□ Non-solicitation Policy
□ Employee and Employer Confidentiality Agreement
□ Non-compete Agreement
□ Employee Handbook Disclaimer
□ Employment Relationship: At-Will Employment
□ Employee Signoff Signifying Receipt of the Handbook, the At-Will Statement,
and Employee Acknowledgement That He or She Understands and Will
Abide by the Contents
General Employment Information
□ Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
□ Accommodation for People With Disabilities
□ Employment Eligibility
□ Internal Employee Application Process
□ Promotions
□ Employment of Relatives
□ Rehiring Policy
□ Open Door Policy
□ Personnel File Policy
□ Access to Personnel Records
□ Harassment and Discrimination
□ Harassment and Discrimination Reporting Procedure
□ Harassment Investigation Process
□ Office Romances: Fraternization Policy
Attendance at Work
□ Exempt and Non-exempt Employee Definitions
□ Working Hours and Overtime
□ Break and Lunch Periods
□ Attendance Expectations and Policy
□ Severe Weather and Emergency Closings
□ Telecommuting Policy
□ Termination When Unable to Work Policy
Workplace Professionalism and Company Representation
□ Work Dress Code
□ Smoke-Free Workplace
□ Drugs and Alcohol: Drug-Free Workplace
□ Workplace Violence
□ Weapons at Work
□ Safety and Security
□ Parking
□ Workplace Visitors
□ Conflicts of Interest
□ Accepting and Giving Entertainment or Gifts
□ Travel for Business Policy
□ Mileage Reimbursement
Payroll Information
□ Compensation Schedule
□ Recording Time Worked
□ Benefits Eligibility
□ Health Insurance
□ Dental Insurance
□ Vision Insurance
□ Group Life Insurance
□ Disability Insurance
□ Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSAs)
□ RRSP Plan
□ Bonuses
□ Workers’ Compensation
□ Unemployment Compensation
□ Expense Reimbursement
□ Educational Assistance
□ Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
□ Paid Legal Aid
□ Supplemental Insurance
□ Stock Options
□ Employee Discounts
□ Retirement
Employee Time Off From Work
□ Paid Holidays
□ Paid Time Off (PTO)
□ Vacation
□ Sick Leave
□ Attendance Policy
□ Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
□ Bereavement Leave
□ Jury Duty
□ Military/Reserve Leave
Use of Company Equipment and Electronics
□ Telephone Use
□ Cellphone Policy
□ Company Tools, Equipment, and Supplies
□ Computer and Internet Use Policy
□ Blogging and Social Media Policy
Monitoring in the Workplace
□ Email, Computer, Voicemail, Internet, and Telephone Usage
□ Video Surveillance and Physical Searches
Performance Expectations and Evaluation
□ Performance Development Planning and Feedback Process
□ Employee Conduct and Performance
□ Immediate Employment Termination
□ Progressive Discipline
□ Conflict Resolution
□ Complaint Procedure
□ Employment Termination
□ Exit Interviews
□ Return of Company Property

An employee handbook can be a valuable communication resource for both the employer and the employee. It provides guidance and information related to the organization’s mission, policies, procedures and benefits in a written format.

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